Consistent with the University’s mission of emphasizing applied research, the Department has developed strong links with industry through collaborations in the development of new technologies, innovative products, and application-oriented research programmes. Collaborations may take different forms such as consultancies, joint research projects, sponsored students’ projects, joint research student supervision (via Teaching Company Scheme), workshops and short courses, etc.


Overview of Consultancies


The Department is active in providing professional services to the community and industry. Our services are mainly in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Professional Training

Circuit and System Design

Provision of Technical and Professional Advice

Multimedia Signal Processing Systems

Specific Measurement and Instrumentation

Telecommunication Systems

Embedded System Design

Software Application Development

Internet Technologies

Semi-Conductor and VLSI Design


The following is a list of recent consultancy projects:

A Feasibility Study Into Applying Computer - Vision Techniques to Escalator Monitoring

A Feasibility Study of Baby - Monitoring Technology

An Analysis for Possible Causes of Electrical Overstress (EOS) in the LED Lamp

Application and Software Design Programme

Arbitration - Nixon Vs Shinryo

Client-Server Computing

Comment of the Tampering of a CCTV Video Clip

Consultancy Services for System Design for Image Sensing Collisiion Aviodance System

Core Technologies for a Mobile Platform for TechX Challenge 2013

Evaluation of Training Effectiveness: A Pre- and Post-Training Study for "Energize Programme"

Expert Advice on IP Issues

Expert Report - Investigation of Email Copy on a Laptop

Expert Report - Labour Tribunal

Expert Witness - Quality of EP Panel

Failure of PCB

Fibre Optic Component and Subsystem Design

Glow Wire Tests & Density Measurement - Supplementary Report

High Frequency AC Power Supplies as AC LED Drivers

HKID Card Spooling Detection

Incident Investigation of Breakdown of Personalization Machine

Information and Communications Technology Training Programme for Non-Technical Officers of OFCA

Investigate the Failure of Controller PCB

Investigate the Function(s) of Two Batches of Electronic Component

Investigate the Selectivity Limits of a MultiNova Speed Radar

Investigation of 5 Pieces of Audio Recordings

Investigation of Possible PCB Failure by Inspection of 42 Electronic Locks

Investigation of the Cause of Fire

NFC Charging and Applications for Wearable Devices

NFC Charging and Communications for Wearable Devices

Performance Study of CEM S610FP Fingerprint Reader

Provision of Services for Selection Test Questions Setting and Marking (Technology)

Provision of Services for Test Paper Setting

Recover of Deleted Video Clips on a Blackberry Mobile Phone

Selection Test Questions Setting and Marking Services

Software Development for the Hong Kong Academic for Gifted Education

Software Development for Queue Management System

Software Development Programme II

Software Modules for Rust Detection and Analysis

Study for MTR CAF Trains Electronic Systems Life Extension

Technical Advice on the Circuit of a Power Bank

Technical Advice on the Circuit of a Power Pack

Technical Evaluation of the Proposed Solution for Track Horse Position

Visual Signal Processing Technology for Emerging 3D Applications Project